Freedom’s Phoenix: Justin Raimondo- Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision


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Freedom’s Phoenix: Justin Raimondo- Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision.

I wrote a blog last May when Ron Paul declared that he was running for President in the GOP. That he doesn’t fit in with the Republican Party. Because today its basically a Far Right Religious and Neoconservative Party. Thats moved passed its Classical Conservative roots. That Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan built in the 60s, 70s and 80s. And that Rep. Paul would be better off and that Libertarians would be better off. If Rep. Paul and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson run for President. For the Libertarian Party, a Third Party thats struggling to establish relevance in American Politics. And struggling to produce credible candidates, let alone Public Officials. And that Rep. Paul And GOV. Johnson would give them that. I wrote that on this blog and you can look it up.

Governor Johnson figured out a few months ago that the Republican Party. Is not a Party for Libertarians, that Libertarians aren’t invited to this Party. They don’t fit in with the Big Government tendencies of the GOP. And would be better off leaving, I believe Rep. Paul understood from day one. He wasn’t going to win the GOP Nomination for President. But that he was going to use his Presidential Campaign to promote his Libertarian Message. But I would ask how much has he accomplished in even doing that. How many more Libertarians has he brought to the GOP. Look at who’s in 2nd Place and still competing hard for Delegates for the Presidential Nomination. A Neoconservative that wants Uncle Sam to invade our bedrooms. Who’s not even Fiscally Conservative, just look at his Congressional Record.

Libertarianism needs people like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson and so does the Libertarian Party. Instead of wasting their time trying to take over a Neoconservative Party. Where they are overwhelmingly outnumbered, by Theocrats and Neoconservatives. They need to take over the Libertarian Party and bring in more Libertarians. To make them competitive in the future.


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