FRSFreeStateNow: Affordable Care Act, The Case of the Decade until there’s a bigger one


Affordable Care Act

Will the Affordable Care Act Argument Be Worth the Hype? – The Atlantic.

Whatever happens with the Affordable Care Act case at the US Supreme Court. It will dramatically change what happens with the future of Healthcare Reform as well as Healthcare in America. And will dramatically change the future of the Federal Government. As far as how much power they will have or lose, because of this decision. And this case will be used as precedent, in future court cases. On both sides and will effect the future and legacy of the Obama Presidency.

If the Obama Administration wins this case, then they’ll have a big win under their Administration. And can say we made history in reforming Healthcare in America. We expanded Health Insurance and held private Health Insurers accountable. If they lose this case, then it will be a huge loss and effect how they can go about reforming Healthcare in America.

I’m not a lawyer and not going to pretend to be one. But this whole case will come down to the Healthcare Mandate. Does the Federal Government have the authority. To require its people to pay for their costs of their Healthcare. Because the Federal Government as of right now, can clearly regulate Private Industry. Under the Commerce Clause and can provide assistance for people and employers to purchase Health Insurance. And it can certainly reform Medicare, its their program to run. But can it require people to pay for their Health Care and we’ll find out this spring.


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