FRSFreeStateNow: Rep. Paul Ryan’s Fiscal Blueprint, Jobs-bill Battle ahead in Congress: Not Designed to pass this Congress


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Paul Ryan’s fiscal blueprint, jobs-bill battle ahead in Congress.

If Rep. Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee. Basically tomorrow introduces the same Federal Budget plan as he did last year. That went nowhere in the Senate and even saw some Republicans criticize it. And ended whatever plans that Rep. Ryan may of had for running for President in 2012. Then we’ll know that this plan is not intended to pass this Congress and will be something that House Republicans will campaign on. This year in hopes that there’s a Republican President and Republican Congress in 2013.

Its an Election Year, which according to Senate Leader Harry Reid. Is a perfect time not to write a Federal Budget plan. As Senate Democrats have already announced they are not going to. Because of politics, fears it might hurt them politically. So based on that alone we are headed to another Continuing Resolution to fund the Federal Government. With maybe something getting worked out in December.

I haven’t seen the 2012 Ryan Budget, but I’m guessing it will look like 2011. Perhaps even being its twin brother or sister, with people scratching their heads. Trying to figure out the differences. Of cut everything in the Federal Budget except for. Defense and Entitlements, turn Medicare into a Voucher System. And more Tax Cuts that aren’t paid for. Giving House and Senate Democrats something else to run against. As if they don’t already have enough thanks to the Tea Party.


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