Los Angeles Times: Opinion-Harold Meyerson- Don’t Let Americans Elect Muddy The 2012 Race



Los Angeles Times: Opinion- Harold Meyerson- Don’t Let Americans Elect Muddy The 2012 race

I’m not an Independent, I’m definitely a Liberal Democrat in the Jack Kennedy sense. Get Big Government out of our wallets and bedrooms. I’ll be a Democrat until I die, unless Progressive Democrats take over the party. So I’m not going to claim I speak for Independents or try to speak for them. But when I look at them and what I’ve seen, they basically look like the Republican Party. Up until 1992-93 or so, they look like Northeastern Republicans to me. People who don’t like Big Government at all. They want it out of our wallets and bedrooms, they are basically Classical Conservatives. Or Moderate Conservatives but I wouldn’t describe them as Centrists, which is how they tend to be labeled. Because they tend to be compared with. Michelle Bachmann on the Far Right and Dennis Kucinich on the Far Left.

When I look at Independents, I see people like Rudy Gulliani, George Pataki, Mitt Romney. George H.W. Bush, John McCain people who are Fiscally Conservative, believe in strong defense. That America has to be strong at home and abroad. But not interfere with other countries business and Civil Wars. And a party that’s tolerant on Social Issues, if not Conservative but Conservative in the actual sense. That this is none of the government’s business and people should be free to live their own lives. Thats the Republican Party of twenty years ago and to me anyway. What Independents look like today and if I’m right. Imagine how strong the GOP would be today, if they still had these voters.

Roughly 40% of American Voters are Independent, both Republicans and Democrats need them to win elections. They’ve been essentially kicked out of the Republican Party. And to a certain extent thanks to Progressives, the Democratic Party as well. If they are so fed up, they should look to forming their own Political Party. And Independence Party, that could perhaps replace the Republican Party. If they keep moving farther and farther to the right. And keep moving to becoming a Big Government Party. And they would be a huge force and give American Voters a real choice in who to vote for. Liberal Democrats or Conservative Independents.


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