FRSFreeStateNow: In California, Justice for Juveniles: How to Deal with Juvenile Offenders


Juvenile Offenders

In California, justice for juveniles.

I believe in the notion, do the crime, do the time, for personal and practical reasons. Including for Juvenile Offenders, who we don’t want to see become Adult Offenders. But I also believe in giving people the opportunity to turn their lives around. Especially Juvenile Offenders, who again we don’t want to see become Adult Offenders. And become even bigger and older, more expensive burdens on society. Then they are now, which means instead of locking them up and throwing away the key. So to speak, we need to empower them to turn their lives around. Get and finish their education, so they are prepared for college. If not get their Higher Education in Juvenile Hall. And thats what Juvenile Justice should be about. Lock them up when they commit crimes but empower them to become Productive Citizens.

Juvenile Justice can cost a lot of money, especially in California. Where they are dealing with a three way combo, to use a pool term. Of high debt, high deficit and high unemployment. And they have to cut back on some Public Services and would argue reform some of these Public Services. Including Juvenile Justice, to save money and get these things under control. And requiring that Juvenile Offenders get their education and work while in Juvenile Hall. And that their parents pick up the tab for their kids stay at Juvenile Hall. As if they were going to Boarding School, would be the way to have a Cost Effective. Juvenile Hall that empowers these Juvenile Offenders. To stay out of trouble once they are released.

If we can get to so called Youth at Risk, which Juvenile Offenders. Would certainly qualify as, before they become Adult Offenders. Which would save their lives and prevent future victims. We can save a lot of pain and trouble for them and society as a whole.


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