FRSFreeStateNow: What Happens If the Individual Mandate Is Struck Down: We Start Over


Individual Mandate

What Happens If the Individual Mandate Is Struck Down – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.

The whole point of the Individual Mandate, is to bring down Healthcare Costs. To have everyone pay for their share of their Healthcare Costs. And to put more healthy people in the Health Payment System. To bring down the costs for everyone, instead of sending millions of people. On Health Insurance, who are unhealthy and can’t afford Health Insurance. Which would drive up the Healthcare Costs for everyone, without the Individual Mandate. Healthcare Reform doesn’t mean much, without something to replace it. Thats just as effective and one of the problems with the Affordable Care Act. Is that its a badly written law, supporters of it. Will admit to that as well.

Maybe the Individual Mandate, should’ve been called. The Healthcare Payment Mandate, meaning that everyone. Would be required to pay for their own share of their Healthcare Costs. Whether it comes from Health Insurance, a Health Savings Account or Out of Pocket. And failure to comply would result in a tax. Based on how much your share of your own Healthcare Costs would be. Similar to how we tax everyone who purchases tobacco. You get charged with a tax in doing so, well an HPM Tax. Would tax people for not putting up their share of their own Healthcare Costs. And this money would be donated to the hospitals. That give out Uncompensated Healthcare.

Without a Individual Mandate, what we are basically going to see. Is millions of people who are currently unhealthy and can’t afford their own Health Insurance. Into the Health Insurance System. Which will drive up the Healthcare Costs of healthy people who are currently insured. And without that we are going to have to look at ways like, Healthcare Payment Mandate. Or having a law that would force Emergency Rooms to only treat. Things that are Real Emergencies. Because we have to bring down our Healthcare Costs, to be able to compete with out competitors economically. And without an Individual Mandate we don’t have many other options.


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