FRSFreeStateNow: “When Anti-Government Becomes Anti-Business”: Economic Libertarianism Controlling the GOP


Economic Libertarianism

When Anti-Government Becomes Anti-Business – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.

To say that today’s Republican Party is Anti Government, is misleading. What they are is Anti Government as it relates to the economy. Apparently the only thing that the Federal Government can do to help the economy. At least according to the Tea Party, is pass Tax Cuts. For business and High Earners, cut regulations and pass more Tax Subsidies for business. To give you an example, things like Infrastructure Investment. That was Bi Partisan in Congress up until just five years ago. Is now a Partisan Issue, the Senate wants a two year Highway bill, the House keeps passing two month extensions. American Business even wants a two year deal. The Tea Party that now runs the Republican Party, wants the Feds out of the economy all together.

American Business doesn’t want the Federal Government out of the economy. They just don’t want to be taxed or regulated out of business. I agree with them and would support things like Tax Reform. That would lower Tax Rates and eliminate Tax Loopholes. I agree with them there as well but American Business also supports things. Like Infrastructure Investment, especially Construction Company’s. So they can have more work to do and hire more workers. And also so they can move their products to market and would even support. A National Infrastructure Bank, where they would be able to invest and collect profits from. And believe in creating a National Energy Policy, that moves us towards Energy Independence.

As partisan as Congress was in the mid and late 1990s, both in the House and Senate. Even when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House. Things like Infrastructure Investment, that the House and Senate are debating with each other on. Was Bi Partisan, thats how much the Tea Party has changed the GOP. Because these things are now considered Partisan Issues.


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