FRSFreeStateNow: “Mideast Upheaval knocks Saudi Arabia off Balance”: The Arab Spring Spreading to the Saudi Kingdom?


Islamic Kingdom

Mideast upheaval knocks Saudi Arabia off balance.

If there’s one country that could truly blossom into a major Arab Democracy. Thats already a Developed Nation, it would be Saudi Arabia. They are a large country physically of just 25M people but could comfortably hold 100M people. They are the size of Iran and Libya and almost as big as India. They are essentially a Developed Nation thats Energy Independent. That has a strong Middle Class and believes in things like business, commerce and Economic Growth. Unlike the Iranian Theocracy and Saudi Arabia can also defend itself. With one of the largest and best equipped military’s in the World. Iran would be stupid to attack or invade Saudi Arabia and they know that.

Where the Saudi Kingdom is 100-200 years behind, is in the area of. Individual Liberty, Civil Rights, Equal Rights, they have sexist laws that force their women. To serve their men and have things like Arranged Marriages and so fourth. But even the Saudi Kingdom can’t hide what’s going on. In  the rest of the World, especially in their own region. And the Saudi People are aware of the Arab Spring. Have seen what’s gone on in Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and now Syria. And they don’t want to be the next regime o fall. The Moroccan Kingdom has started to open up Political Freedom in Morocco. All of the Authoritarian Regimes in Arabia have felt the pressure of the Arab Spring and have responded to it.

I’m not saying that Saudi Arabia is going to become a Liberal Democracy tomorrow. Ten years for now but at any point but they are going to be under pressure to reform. Right now they are basically Islamic Kingdom, a Theocratic Kingdom. With very limited Social Freedom, similar to China but China is a Republic. With very limited Social Freedom, especially for women and that won’t last indefinitely. Especially if Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen emerge as democracies.


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