FRSFreeStateNow: California Officials Ponder how to Ensure Healthcare Reform in California: The ACA Headed to CA?


Golden State

Officials ponder how to ensure healthcare reform in California.

California sounding like they are ahead of the game. When it comes to Healthcare Reform. With some of their Legislatures and I’ve guessing Governor Jerry Brown. Will get behind this as well, a plan to bring the Affordable Care Act. To California or their version of it, with a Patient Bill of Rights and an Individual Mandate. Requiring all Californians purchase Health Insurance. Something that California already has precedent to do. Since they already require Californians to purchase Auto Insurance. Which will be a much easier case for California to make in the courts. Then the Obama Administration, I believe the Feds already have precedent to do this. But California has more precedent to do this.

Whether you believe in the Public-Private approach to Healthcare Reform. Giving Americans choices in how they decide to pay for their share of their Healthcare. As long as they pay their share or you believe in the Single Payer approach. Requiring everyone to be on Government Health Insurance, California is ahead. Of most if not the rest of the country in these two areas. Massachusetts and Vermont being exceptions and if the ACA were to get thrown out. Meaning the entire law, the California, Massachusetts and Vermont. Would be States to look at to try to pass State by State Healthcare Reform. Which hopefully one day lead all fifty States passing some type of Healthcare Reform. That brings our Healthcare Costs down to a more affordable level.

California is taking a step ahead a lot of the rest of the country. When it comes to Healthcare Reform on two approaches. Both Public-Private and Single Payer and could serve as models for supporters of both approaches.


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