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Reagan Was Actually Always Right – Politics – The Atlantic Wire.

I just read an article that was basically arguing. That Ronald Reagan was never a Moderate Republican. Which of course was true but was then arguing why. Saying he took these Conservative positions in the past. And that today’s Republicans are just like Ron Reagan. Which of course isn’t true, Mitt Romney comes the closest. Except apparently for his unwillingness to compromise like on taxes. At least so far as a Presidential Candidate. But this columnist in the Atlantic Magazine, was saying that today’s Republicans are just like Reagan. Today Ron Reagan would be considered a Liberal or Moderate by today’s Religious and Neoconservatives. Who now run the Republican Party.

Yes Ron Reagan used terms like “Welfare Queen” and got behind Supply Side Economics. And you should only negotiate through strength on Foreign Policy. Build up a strong defense to scare your opponents. And then build it down once you’ve won. Which is what the United States did after the Cold War. But Reagan was never interested in things like Gay Marriage, outlawing abortion. He didn’t believe in discriminating against homosexuals because they are gay. Or believe in outlawing pornography or endless war or preventive war. He probably would’ve had issues with the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention. All these positions that Religious and Neoconservatives support today. Thats how much the GOP has changed.

Of course Ron Reagan is no Liberal or Moderate. But thats how he looks today compared with the GOP today. Who would’ve labeled him a Liberal, because signed several Tax Hikes into law. To bring down the Federal Deficit and would’ve been left of these Republicans today. On some of these Social Issues but thats not because he was a Liberal. But because of how far to the right the GOP has moved.

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