Ron Paul Speech in 1987 as Presidential Candidate for the LP – 9/1/87: What the LP Needs Now


Classical Libertarian

Ron Paul Speech in 1987 as Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party – 9/1/87.

What the Libertarian Party needs now, is someone like a Ron Paul. That can bring attention to their party and to their movement. To show people what Libertarianism is and that its not crazy. That sure that they have some ideas that might not be considered mainstream at this point. And that they are certainly not ready to be a major Political Party. But that a lot of their ideas are very sane and makes sense. And fits in very well in American Politics. Things like Individual Liberty, that people not only have Property Rights. Over their Material Property but we own our own bodies and lives as well. As Libertarian Professor Walter Williams has said. These ideas go very well in America and something the Libertarian Party can build on. If they have the candidates that can communicate the message.

The Libertarian Party is certainly not ready to take on Democrats or Republicans. In Congress or for the Presidency and even in State Politics. They are at least ten years away from doing that. But you have to start somewhere and build off of something. They have the ideas that they can promote but need the candidates to communicate the message. Which is why they need candidates like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Perhaps in the future Sen. Rand Paul and maybe he’ll bring Sen. Mike Lee and and Sen. Ron Johnson with him. Maybe the Libertarians in the Tea Party as well. To run for office, get reelected and be able to build their party.


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