CATO at Liberty: David Boaz- Socialism and Social Darwinism


Democratic Socialism

Source: CATO at Liberty: David Boaz- Socialism and Social Darwinism.

The terms Socialism or Socialist get thrown around a lot in America. And generally used by the Right Wing as insults towards people on the left. Where we on the left are very politically diverse. We go from Liberals who are Center Left, such as myself, to Progressives/Democratic Socialists to Classical Socialists on the Far Left. Barack Obama for example a Moderate Liberal to Liberal. Has been accused ever since he started his first Presidential Campaign of being a Socialist. By people especially on the Far Right, Neoconservatives and others, as well as even Libertarians. Who’ve almost always disagreed with Barack Obama since becoming President of the United States.

The term Socialist has been thrown at leftists in America, whether they are Center Left. Like President Obama or Far Left like Sen. Bernie Sanders or Rep. Dennis Kucinich. To be used as insults but if you’re a Socialist and consider yourself to a Socialist. Such as Sen. Sanders, then you don’t consider that term to be an insult. The fact is Socialism or Social Engineering comes from both the right and left. Both sides have their vision of how they see America and what they. Want it to be and either want to put through incentives. Or regulations to make their vision of America come about. Generally it comes through the Tax Code, one of the reasons why you might find. More penguins in South Florida, then people who understand our Tax Code.

What Socialism actually is, are Public Services, any Public Service. Thats provided by the government, to use as examples. Medicare is a Socialist Program, so is Social Security, the Postal Service. The Transportation Security Administration, the military. Public Education all of these Public Services are Socialist Programs. That all have support on the left and right. The debate in America is not whether we have Socialism in America or not. But to what degree and it’s really a debate about the Role of Government in America. Especially the Federal Government, not whether we have Socialism or not.
The Future of Freedom Foundation: David Boaz- Socialism vs Capitalism


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