FRSFreeStateNow: “The Losing Argument for the Defense of Marriage Act”: What Convenient Federalism looks like


Convenient Federalism

The Losing Argument for the Defense of Marriage Act – The Atlantic.

If you look at what Federalism is, its a Governing Philosophy. That actually believes in States Rights, that the States have the Constitutional Authority. To govern as they please, as long as they are within their own Constitution. And the US Constitution, meaning they couldn’t try to establish. Their own military or Foreign Policy, that sorta thing. Its something that not just Conservatives and I’m talking about Classical Conservatives. Not Neoconservatives or Religious Conservatives. As well as Libertarians and Liberals can all get behind and support, which is Federalism.

Federalism is something that Progressives don’t tend to support, because they would like to see. A more Centralize Federal Government and is something that Religious and Neoconservatives. Don’t tend to support, because States may end up doing something that they disagree with. That they would want the Federal Government to reverse, like legalizing marijuana. Or Same Sex Marriage, perhaps prostitution or gambling even. So if you believe the Affordable Care Act violates States Rights, because it forces them to do something. They may disagree with and doesn’t provide the funds to pay for it. Like the Medicaid Prevision of the ACA, which I believe they have a valid point on. Then you believe the Defense of Marriage Act violates States Rights as well. Because it essentially says State Law that would legalize Same Sex Marriage. Is invalid, because Uncle Sam doesn’t like the law, not because its Unconstitutional or not.

So when Neoconservatives talk about States Rights and Federalism. And they are not a State Public Official, they work in the Private Sector or Federal Government. Talk about these things, take it with at least a few grains of salt. Because they are probably only using States Rights and Federalism. To support what they are in favor of but then move way from those arguments. And talk to about Federal Power, when it comes to throwing out State Laws. They are against, like Same Sex Marriage, or legalizing marijuana. If your truly a Federalist and not a Convenient Federalist. Then you believe the power to regulate marriage, should be where its traditionally been. With the States and that Uncle Sam has no business here.

Federalism is not about defending laws you agree with but decentralizing the Federal Government. To allow the States to govern themselves, to be able to do for them. What they don’t need the Federal Government doing. Like with marriage to use as an example, Healthcare would be another, its not just defending State Law that you agree with.


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