FRSFreeStateNow: “An America-Brazil Respect Deficit”: The Emerging Power of Brazil


Federative Republic of Brazil

A U.S.-Brazil respect deficit.

If you look at the Federative Republic of Brazil, translation. Brazil is a Federal Republic, with Separation of Powers. Executive Branch headed by their President, a Bi Cameral Congress and a Judicial Branch. You see a country of now 190M people, physically the size of Continental America. That now has the sixth largest economy in the World. People talk about China, India and Russia to a certain extent as emerging economies. As they should but Brazil is farther along then all three of those countries as far as their. Living Standards, the average Chinese makes around 7,00K$ a year. Which is what the average Iranian makes, the average Indian makes around 3,000K$ a year less then the average Cuban. The average Russian and Brazilian makes around 12K$ a year. But these other large powers get more attention and respect.

Brazil is essentially a Democratic Socialist Republic, with a large and productive Private Sector. Thats highly taxed and regulated, that finances a large Welfare State. There Economic System looks similar to Scandinavia or Britain. You hear calls in Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru and perhaps Chile. To move to a Fidel Castro like State Ownership Economic System. Where Brazil and Argentina to a certain extent. Have shown that you don’t have to go that away to ensure that everyone has a shot to make it in life. That if you provide your people with a good shot at an education. And quality Healthcare, that they can make good lives for themselves. Brazil hasn’t followed Cuba or China’s model when it comes to economics. But they look more like Europe.

Brazil is the path forward for South America, just like China is the path forward for Cuba. And as Brazil moves even farther along economically and build up their military. They’ll not only command more respect in South America and North America. But the World as a whole like for example a seat on the UN Security Council.


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