FRSFreeStateNow: “Saudi Activists Fight through their Fear”: The Future of the Saudi Kingdom

Theocratic Kingdom

Saudi activists fight through their fear.

Its good to see that the Arab Spring might be reaching the Saudi Kingdom finally. A country thats been very effective at oppressing discontent and Political Opposition. In this vast country but with only 25M people. But in a country with a large population of young people. It means that these people are hopefully tired of being held down by their own government. And that unlike Syria, Saudi’s tend to have resources, a lot of them do. Its a pretty wealthy nation, especially by Arab Standards. And they can afford to reach out and organize and put a message together. And hopefully one day be able to build a movement. That could be an alternative to the Theocratic Kingdom that they have now. Where women and Political Opposition is repressed.

I don’t see this happening tomorrow or even 5-10 years from now. But if Saudi Arabia were to move past Theocratic Monarchy and move into the 21st Century. Where women and minorities are respected equally under law. I have a suggestion in how they could move there. A lot of people have pointed to Turkey as the model for Arabian Nations to move towards. Where Islam and other religions are respected under law. But where the government is secular, where they are a Republic not a Theocracy. And a Democratic Republic if that, emerging as a Developed Nation. But to me the United Kingdom of Britain might be the better model for Saudi Arabia. Where the Monarchy remains in place. But no longer running the country, similar to Britain, where their Monarchs become Statesmen instead.

Saudi Arabia I believe could emerge as a Federal Republic or Federal Kingdom. With Separation of Powers, with an Executive. Headed by a President or Prime Minister, the Head of State, with a Legislative that would represent the Provinces and people. And an Independent Judiciary, appointed by the Head of State.  But have to be approved by Legislative. I’m not saying that Saudi Arabia should design their future government or Constitution based on Britain or America. But take parts of both and then combine what works for Saudi Arabia. With the Monarchy but it would no longer run the country and be separate from the Federal Government. And where Islam is the Official Religion, just no longer writes their laws.

Saudi Arabia may be ten years away from becoming anything that looks Democratic. And turning Saudi Arabia into Europe or America will probably never happen. But they can move to a Governmental System. That combines with what works in America and Europe, with what works with Saudi Arabia as well. Into one new Federal Government that represents and serves their people. Not whatever regime in in power.

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