FRSFreeStateNow: “Where loving Fidel Castro is wrong”: What’s to Know about Miami Cuban Politics

Where loving Castro is wrong.

Ozzie Guillen has a right to believe whatever he wants to about Fidel Castro. Thats not the question, Ozzie Guillen  has the right to be a Communist or Socialist. If he wants to, just not in Cuba apparently. A Communist State but Mr. Guillen doesn’t have a right to praise Fidel Castro. In public while he’s working for the Miami Marlins. A city with a large Cuban American Community, thats just ninety miles away from the Communist State. The only one in the American Region. Where Communism and Fidel Castro are both hated. And where making Public Comments like that, can hurt the employer your working for. That relies heavily on Cuban Americans to support their club. A Community that loves baseball but may not want to support a club. That has a Pro Castro Manager running their club on the field.

I have a hard time believing that anyone who cares about Cuba or the Cuban people. Could seriously love a man thats responsible for holding down this beautiful island. For more then fifty years now, Fidel Castro is no longer. President of this Communist State but they basically have the same regime in place. Even though they have opened up their economy with some Economic Freedom. Their form of State Capitalism and loosen up some restrictions. On religion and have released some Political Prisoners.  But this is still a Communist Republic with a dictator. Where people can be arrested for speaking their mind. Who can’t vote for whatever party they want or can assemble under law.

Ozzie Guillen has the right to speak his mind as freely as he wants to. As long as he’s not threatening anyone but doesn’t have the right to hurt his employer. Which is what he’s finding out right now.


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