FRSFreeStateNow: “Drawn to Extremes in France”: How French Politics is Similar to American Politics


French Federal Republic

Drawn to extremes in France.

French Politics to me is interesting as a Political Junky and blogger. Because its somewhat similar to American Politics. We have similar Political Systems, we are both Federal Republics. With a President, a Bi Cameral Legislature, House and Senate. With the Senate being a real Upper Chamber. We both have Primary Systems for the parties to decide who their Leaders are going to be. And then General Elections, where all voters get to decide. Who the President is going to be and who’s going to represent them in the Legislature. We both have Branches of Government, an Executive, Legislative and Judicial. We both have Checks and Balances and we are both concern about Absolute Power. Unlike Britain thats comfortable giving one party. All the power in the Federal Government. Britain doesn’t even have a Federal Government. The UK Government controls most of the power of the country.

But what’s also interesting to about France comparing them with America. As well as Canada and Britain, is their Conservatives look like Liberal Democrats in America. And their Leftist Party looks, like Progressive Democrats in America. They don’t really have a Center Left and Right, at least by American Standards. They have a Center Left and a Farther Left. It would be like America having the Democratic Party and the Progressive Party. Or Democratic Socialist Party or Green Party. As the main two options in who Americans can vote for. And America is sorta moving in that direction as well. Where we use to have a Center Left Party, in the Democrats. And a Center Right Party in the Republicans. But now its a Center Left Party with the Democrats. And a Far Right Party with the Republicans.

As much as Americans may claim not to like the French and vice versa. We are really not that different with our Political Systems. Except at least France still has a real Conservative Party. At least by French Standards, whereas Americans have a choice between the Center Left and Far Right. Leaving a lot of Conservatives without people to vote for.


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