Mises Daily: David Gordon- Ralph Rico on Authentic Liberalism

Source: Mises Daily: David Gordon- Ralph Raico on Authentic Liberalism

As a Liberal I love writing about Liberalism, just as I imagine. Libertarians love writing about Libertarianism. Conservatives love writing about Conservatism and Progressives love writing about Progressivism. I can’t imagine Centrists love writing about Centrism, because its so middle of the road and bland. But they are probably more qualified to answer that. Perhaps they don’t love or hate writing about Centrism. But like a true Centrist, feel somewhere in between. One reason why I love writing about Liberalism. Because of how badly its stereotyped to the point it looks like Socialism. And it looks so sift and I feel the constant need to defend it. So I’ve had a lot of practice defending a philosophy that I love.

Liberalism has been mixed up with both Libertarianism and Progressivism. Its closer to Libertarianism, both ideologies are individualist and believe in Individual Liberty. And Personal Responsibility but share similar goals with. Whereas Progressivism is collectivist and believing that the we are only as strong as are weakest link. What Liberalism has in common, are the shared values of. Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government. US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Private Enterprise. Where we differ, is that Libertarians idea of Limited Government. Is Small Government, almost No Government and they tend to be Anti Government. Believing that Government can’t do anything right.

If you want to know what Liberalism is and what it would be like to live in a Liberal Democracy. Imagine a country where Free Adults could live their own lives as they see fit. As long as they are not hurting anyone with what they are doing. That has a Private Enterprise System, where the taxes are low. And would only fund the things that only government can do and do well. That would be able to defend itself and our allies if they need and want it. And to defend Human Rights where we can, are needed and wanted. That may sound similar to Libertarianism but thats the differences between Limited Government and Small Government or Anarchy. And its a hell of a lot different from Progressivism.

I’ve been labeled as a Libertarian, a Conservative even, as well as a Classical Liberal. Classical Liberal being the closest label so far but I label my politics Liberal or Liberal Democrat. Because my politics are centered around Limited Government and Individual Liberty. I don’t believe in Big Government or Small Government. But Good Government by limiting to only what it does well. And has the Constitutional Authority to do.


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