FRSFreeStateNow: US Supreme Court told unfair Crack Sentences may Number in Thousands: How to End The War on Drugs


Failed War on Drugs

Supreme Court told unfair crack sentences may number in thousands.

The whole point of having Laws and Law Enforcement in Civil Society and even in a Liberal Democracy. Is to establish Law and Order, Rule of Law in how people conduct themselves. To prevent from abusing innocent people, not to try to control how Free Adults live their own lives. But how they interact with other people. Well the main problem with the War on Drugs, is that it goes against that. Because it punishes people for what they do to themselves. And what they try to sell to other people, who buy their products. We have a lot of Legal Drugs in America, a lot of them good. As they relate to high Blood Pressure and other Medical Conditions. We also have some Legal Drugs that are bad for people. Like alcohol and tobacco that produce a lot of problems for society. Especially people who are addicted to these drugs.

So what happens in the War on Drugs, is we end up arresting people. For what they do to themselves and what they try to sell to people. And send these people to prison, for what they do to themselves. Instead of what they do to other people. And in a lot of cases we send Drug Addicts to prison. And leave them addicted to whatever drugs they are addicted to. And when they get out of prison, they end up doing the same things. That landed then in prison in the first place and they keep turning the same cycle that they are on. And as far as the Drug Dealers, we send them to prison. Do nothing for them so they can get into another career. Once they are out of prison and they go back to doing the only things. That they know how to make money and end up back in prison.

The good news is there are ways we can fix this horrible problem. That cost this country billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of Prison Cells. Plus the 50K$ a year or it costs to house these people in prison. And its gets to Individual Liberty and Healthcare. First off we legalize marijuana, no longer prohibit it by the Federal Government. Let the States make these decisions on their own. And then regulate it like alcohol and tobacco. And whoever is currently in prison or jail for marijuana possession or use. Who haven’t committed additional felonies while incarcerated. Transfer those people to Halfway Houses so they can get on with their lives.

Marijuana Legalization is as far as I’m willing to go with Drug Legalization at this point. Because of the negative impacts that heroin and cocaine would bring to society. And these problems would be even worse, if they are legal. But what I’m in favor of doing. Is no longer sending Drug Addicts who are in prison for Drug Use. Get these people in Drug Rehab., private Drug Rehab at their expense. And if they complete it successfully, it wouldn’t even be on their Criminal Record. But would instead go on their Medical Record. And then I would no longer lock Free Adults who are 21 or over. For simple possession of cocaine or heroin, who aren’t addicts. But have them pay a fine or tax on the amount they possess. As long as they don’t use it, they stay out of jail.

The War on Drugs has been a worse mistake then our involvement in the Vietnam War. As far as the amount of money we’ve spent on it. As far as locking people up for it, for again what they do to themselves. Not what they do to others and we can do a lot better then this. As far as we allow people to live their own lives. And how we treat our Drug Addicts.


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