The Humble Libertarian: Opinion: Judy Morris: What Is the Conservative Movement?: Classical Conservatism vs Neoconservatism

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The Humble Libertarian: What Is the Conservative Movement?.

I just wrote a blog explaining why Liberalism is like Conservatism and now I’m writing a blog. About how Conservatism is different from both Liberalism. And Libertarianism, which is fine by me. Keep in mind I am a Liberal but I read and think a lot about other political ideologies. Especially Conservatism, because it’s actually like Liberalism. And if you’re a casual viewer of American Politics or watch many Fox News and MSNBC. You might find that as hard to believe that water is dry or fire is hot. Or dwarfs are gigantic but if you understand political philosophy, you’ll see why they have a lot in common. And could even be relatives of each other.

Conservatism and again I’m talking about Conservatism in the political sense. I’m not talking about religious or Neoconservatism, which are different political ideologies. But Conservatism itself, is about certain basic principles. individual liberty, that free adults should be allowed to live their own lives. As long as they are not hurting others with what they are doing. The U.S. Constitution, that all of our liberty should be conserved and the best way to do that. Is through the U.S. Constitution and through limited government. Conservatives are Federalists, that the States should be able to govern themselves. As long as they are within the U.S. Constitution. So if the States want to legalize same-sex-marriage, marijuana, gambling, prostitution. That they have the right to do those things. And that Uncle Sam should get out-of-the-way. And Conservatism is about rule of law, that free adults should be able to live their own lives. As long as we are not hurting innocent people with what we are doing.

Conservatism is similar to Libertarianism but different enough to be different. Conservatives tend to believe in a stronger national defense and tend to be Internationalists on foreign policy. And tougher on national security and law enforcement, just as long as it’s within the U.S. Constitution. Libertarians tend to be Isolationists and dovish on these things, similar to Progressives. Libertarians would gut the Federal Government down to only. Defense, State, perhaps Justice and Treasury and maybe Commerce. Conservatives wouldn’t do that but they would combine a lot of these programs. As well as privatize a lot of them, especially as they relate to social insurance.



Classical-Conservatives are also pretty different from Neoconservatives. People like former Senator Rick Santorum and Rep. Michelle Bachmann. Often get labeled Conservative but they aren’t. They are Neoconservatives, they are Statists, they believe Americans are too free. And would like to outlaw things from the Federal Government. Like pornography and Same Sex Marriage, they are on the Far Right. And pretty Authoritarian on Social Issues. When you think of Conservatives, think of people like Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan. And today think of Columnist George Will, these people are real Conservatives. Don’t think of today’s Republicans who in a lot of cases are Neoconservatives.


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