FRSFreeStateNow: “Spain Is Doomed: Why Austerity Is Destroying Europe”: Why America is Better

Spain Is Doomed: Why Austerity Is Destroying Europe – The Atlantic.

There are plenty of reasons why I would prefer to live in America. Then Europe and most of them have to do for political reasons. Being a Liberal Democrat and not a Democratic Socialist and perhaps a few cultural. But one reason has to do with the economies. There are countries in Europe that are either about to get bailed out by the IMF. Or International Monetary Fund, like Greece and Italy is headed in that direction as well. Or about to get bailed out by the IMF. Or in Britain thats in recession, France has serious debt issues. And has a struggling economy but with all the problems America has. Our economy is so large and still growing, we are still creating jobs every month. That we’ll if we address these issues soon, will be able to solve our own economic and fiscal problems on our own.

The American Economy is so big, that we could fix our own problems on our own. As long as we stop borrowing and getting back to PAYGO, Pay as You Go. Which is what we were doing in the 1990s, that produced the record surplus’s. And contributed to the record Job Growth in America, 4.2% Unemployment by 2000. While Europe was looking at 10% Unemployment in some States. That we would be able to bail out Europe, just like we did in World War I and II. Just like we bailed out Mexico and Russia in the 1990s. I’m not saying that Democratic Socialism doesn’t work. It clearly has in Europe and is working in Brazil as well. But Liberalism works as well which is what America practices. And still practices, as much as Neoconservatives and Progressives are trying to change that in America.

Europe has its own problems that they need to solve themselves. And hopefully they’ll be able to do that themselves. Just like America has its own problems, that we need to solve ourselves. And what works for Europe, is different from what works in America. For America to fix our own problems, we need to get back to what we do well. Which is American Capitalism and move past Crony Capitalism.


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