FRSFreeStateNow: Mitt Romney’s Healthcare Plan more Revolutionary than President Obama’s”: Running away from “Romneycare”


Flip Flopper

Romney’s healthcare plan may be more revolutionary than Obama’s.

Mitt Romney back in 2005-06, when he was Governor of a very Democratic State in Massachusetts. Along with the Massachusetts Legislature, passed what is not popularly known as. “Romneycare”, which is what the 2010 Affordable Care Act, popularly known as “Obamacare” was designed after. They both have Healthcare Mandates, requiring people to purchase Health Insurance, both have a Tax Credit. To help people who can’t afford Health Insurance, to purchase Health Insurance. As well as Patient Protections in them. Now that Mitt Romney is running for President in the Republican Party. He’s running away from ‘Romneycare”, especially the Healthcare Mandate. And is pushing a different plan.

Governor Romney does have an interesting plan, which would essentially. Eliminate the Middle Man, American Workers typically get their Health Insurance through their employers. Where American Workers would have the money to cover their own Health Insurance. Eliminating work that employers have to do with Health Insurers. To set up Health Insurance for their employees. Eliminating Red Tape or thats the theory and allowing all American Workers to. Pick their own Health Insurance plans but then being held accountable for their decisions. Instead of employers making these decisions for them. Its an interesting idea and something to think about. But the Red Tape would have to get eliminated and Health Insurance costs would have. To come down, for this to be financed.

Mitt Romney is running away from ‘Romneycare” of 2006. And I guess now proposing “Romneycare” of 2012 and we’ll see. How much traction if any he gets from it.


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