FRSFreeStateNow: “Officials Announce Sweeping Overhaul of California Prisons”: Steps in the Right Direction


Prison Overcrowding

Officials announce sweeping overhaul of California prisons.

California has come up with a promising plan to reform its Corrections System. Where they lead the nation in Prison Inmates and have bad overcrowding. As well as debt and deficit issues. They come up with a clever way to deal with Prison Overcrowding. By keeping Non Violent Offenders in County Jails, instead of sending them to prison. Offenders convicted of things like, drug use, drug possession. Drunk Driving where no one is injured or killed, shoplifters. And keeping their prisons for Violent Offenders, Career Criminals. People who shouldn’t be on the street, until they complete they’re sentences and are rehabilitated. Things like this and I would put in a few more steps. Would reduce Prison Overcrowding and make CDC more affordable.

I would go farther to reduce Prison Overcrowding in California and in the country as a whole. To make our Corrections Systems more affordable. Like putting our inmates to work, every single inmate that can behave in General Population. Get them in school, so they can get a good prison job, that makes money for the prison. To help cover their Living Expenses, have more Non Violent Offenders in Halfway Houses. At their expense and send Ex Inmates to Halfway Houses after their sentence is up. Again at their expense, to help them get started on the outside. But California today is moving in the right direction and I hope it works.


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