FRSFreeStateNow: “California’s Justice Revolution”: Revamping a Broken Down Corrections System



California’s justice revolution.

California took big steps to reform its costly and overcrowded Corrections System yesterday. With Governor Jerry Brown proposing new reforms to this system. That costs California Tax Payers 10% of their State Budget. Money that could use to reduce its high debt and deficit. Reduce their high Tax Rates or be used to pay for schools and roads. By transferring some of their Non Violent Offenders to County Jails. And things like Halfway Houses, people who aren’t Career Criminals but clearly have to pay for what they did. And perhaps need some help turning their lives around . And assuming the State Legislature passes these reforms. Could bring the Corrections Budget down from 10% of the State Budget to 6% within four years.

Anyone who believes that California’s State Government is too big and overtaxes. I don’t live there but they should look at these reforms. Because they would make serious reforms in the Corrections System. By cutting its costs, not by hurting Law Enforcement but getting Non Violent Offenders out of prison. And transfer them to places where they will have a shot at turning their lives around. Give up crime and become productive citizens. Saving California Tax Payers billions of dollars every year. And deserves a chance to work.


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