FRSFreeStateNow: “Rick Perry Was Right About Social Security”: What Rick Perry was Right About


Texas Wild Card

Rick Perry Was Correct by Andrew P. Napolitano.

Whatever you think about Governor Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign and I have mixed feelings about him. Myself, you gotta admit, he was very entertaining and if could’ve avoided making some rookie mistakes. Would’ve brought something different to the table for Republicans to look at. And could’ve emerged as the real Alternative to Mitt Romney. And given Republicans a choice between two Conservatives. Instead of a Conservative in Mitt Romney and a Neoconservative. Who says he loves America and I’ll grant him that. But doesn’t seem to love Americans and wants to tell us how to live our own lives. And pass new restrictions on us. In Rick Santorum

What Governor Perry put on the table was actually some serious ideas. For example in Foreign Policy and I think this is pretty good for a Governor. With no Federal Government experience, since he left the Military some forty years ago. Was to say that all Foreign Aid should start at zero, not that we would zero out Foreign Aid . Which is what Ron Paul wants to do but that every country receiving Foreign Aid. Would have to justify why we should give them more Foreign Aid each year. Giving us a chance to see if we should keep giving them Foreign Aid. Are they spending it wisely and is it a good investment for us. Another idea was calling for a Part Time Congress, actually putting in law. That Congress would only meet for half of the year, get its salaries cut in half and be able to earn money in the Private Sector. With rules in how they could do that, to avoid corruption.

The best idea that I believe Governor Perry put on the table had to do with Social Security. I don’t agree its a “Ponzi Scheme”, bad choice of words on his part. And he paid a heavy price for it but allowing the States. To set up its own Social Security and Pension System for its people. Instead of having Uncle Sam run the entire Social Security System. 1T$ or around there for the whole country. What he did here, was force Mitt Romney to get to the left of him on Social Security. Where most Republicans don’t want to be, which reenforced with a lot of Republicans. Is Mitt Romney a real Conservative or not, which he is, as far as how what Conservatives actually are. Which caused Mitt problems in some of these Republican States.

2011-12 was a exactly what not ready for Prime Time looks like. Which is what Rick Perry is right now, making almost every rookie mistake that could be made. Not understanding what comes with running a National Campaign and what comes with that. But he did manage to put some solid ideas on the table.


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