Bill Still: Video: Still Report 121: JFK Assassination Fed Myth

Bill Still: Video: Still Report 121: JFK Assassination Fed Myth

President Kennedy, who is my number one political hero as a Liberal Democrat, was assassinated, because he was an anti-Communist. Who was opposed to Fidel Castro and the Communist Republic of Cuba. Thats why he was assassinated at least as it relates to Lee Oswald. And if there were other people involved, like the Italian Mafia, they were opposed to him because Attorney General Bobby Kennedy’s opposition and War on Organized Crime. JFK, was seen as a threat and an enemy, to the both the Far-Left, meaning Communists, in and outside of America. And the Far-Right, for his support of civil rights, equality, helping people in need and I’m sure other reasons. And of course the Italian Mafia in America. Because President Kennedy, failed to remove Fidel Castro and his Communist Regime, who eliminated their casinos from Cuba.

These warped ideas, from both the Far-Left and the Libertarian-Right, that Jack Kennedy, was assassinated by the CIA, or perhaps the National Security Council, or Vice President Lyndon Johnson, are exactly that. Which is warped, with no real foundation behind any of those theories. Jack Kennedy, was President of the United States and was assassinated during the middle of the day during a parade in downtown Dallas, Texas. The only way you assassinate a man as powerful and well-protected as the President of the United States, is through private means. Someone who knows where the President is going to be and where he is. Who has a reason to do it and knows exactly what they probably be giving up. Lee Oswald and perhaps people who helped him, had that access and the tools and ability to carry out the assassination.


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