Liberty Pen: Video: Libertarians and Republicans

The jury is still out on whether or not there is even a future for the Republican Party as far as them being a major political party. The good news for Republicans the choice is there’s. They can continue to be a major political party in America or fall off the cliff and become some type of a. Far-right Confederate or Theocratic party thats only competitive in the Bible Belt if at all. But for them to remain a major political party and once again become a governing party that can win the White House back. To go along with at least 1/2 of Congress and not be a party that only controls 1/2 of Congress as far as the Federal Government is concern. They are going to not change who they are and become something new. But they need to get back to where they were as a party when Ronald Reagan was their leader.

Pre Christian-Right era of the Republican Party. The GOP was a get big government out of the bedroom, boardroom and classrooms party. This was a fiscally Conservative as well as an economically Conservative party that also believed in social freedom. Not Libertarian exactly but that government shouldn’t be involved in how Americans live their personal lives. And that all Americans were entitled to a certain level of privacy as long as they weren’t hurting innocent people. Thats the Barry Goldwater GOP that they’ve moved away from when Richard Nixon brought in the religious-right to the party. So they would be more competitive nationally and this strategy worked very well up until the late 1980s. But the country has changed the last twenty years and has become more Liberal-Libertarian on social issues and less religious on these issues.

The future of the GOP is the Conservative-Libertarian wing of the GOP that Goldwater/Reagan and others put together. And this faction of the party is still alive and well but they need more members. So the GOP can compete in the Northeast and West Coast especially in California but Washington State as well. Where a lot of Americans live and people like Representative Justin Amash. Representative Tom McClintock, Senator Jeff Flake, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Mike Lee and others. Are what the Republican Party needs more of to be competitive in the future. While the Christian-Right takes a big back seat or even dies off.


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One Response to Conservative Libertarians: The Future of The Republican Party

  1. Been pushing this very idea for years and haven’t made much headway so far. However, BHO in the White-house has put on display the true agenda of the statist’s leftest big government types. That may just bring back the American people to a conscious state of mind.


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