Source: Reason: C-PAC 2013- Rand Paul, Libertarians Rising

With Senator Rand Paul winning the CPAC 2013 straw poll, there’s a perfect example of why the Republican Party is not dead. And perhaps an example of why CPAC is what it stands for exactly. A Conservative Political Action Conference, instead of the Confederate Political Action Conference. If you actually have people who truly believe in individual freedom and not just economic and religious freedom for Christians. But believe in personal freedom and things like privacy and its not the job of government to tell Americans how to live their lives but to protect their freedom to be able to live their own lives. If you have a Conservative-Libertarian winning the CPAC straw poll. That tells me at least as someone whose not a Conservative or a Republican. That there are plenty of actual Conservative-Libertarians at this conference and that Neoconservatives are losing influence in the Republican Party.


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