Reason: Ronald Bailey- Liberals Won The Social Culture War: Can Conservatives Win the Economic Culture War?: The Economic Battlefield of Ideas

img_0154Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState Now

Lets face it, Liberals with the help of Libertarians have won the culture war. America has now become the country that Barry Goldwater envisioned when he ran for President in 1964. A big government out of our wallets and bedrooms country. Where both economic and social freedom are embraced and where ignorance and intolerance and governmental interference with how we live our lives and spend our money is looked down upon. Which is great news for Liberal Democrats who’ve been fighting for this type of country at least since Bill Clinton ran for President in 1992. But even as far back as when Jack Kennedy ran for President in 1960 before the social democratic wing of the party took over in the 1960s. And this is something that Liberal Democrats should celebrate, but shouldn’t relax because we have another political battle to fight and to win as well.

The next political battle in America won’t be a culture war as far as how much social freedom is tolerable and can  be afforded. Like I said Liberals with the help of Libertarians have already won that war. But the next political battle in America will be fought about what type of an economy do we want to have and what exactly will government’s role be in the economy. But this political battle won’t just be fought between Democrats and Republicans. But between Democrats and Democrats. Liberals who want to expand economic freedom for those who don’t have it so they have the same economic freedom as the rest of the country. The other side in the Democratic Party Progressive/Social Democrats who want government to have more control because they believe the rich are too wealthy and by in large don’t trust Americans to make their own decisions.

But what will also make this political battle interesting will that it will be fought between Republicans as well. Conservatives who want government to use market oriented ideas to expand economic freedom to Americans who don’t have it. And Libertarians who simply want government to get out of the economy all together. The New Gingrich wing of the GOP versus the Ron Paul wing of the party.

Reason: Stephen Prothero- Why Liberals Won The Culture War


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