American Thinker: Politics: Dr. Tom Barron: The Left’s Moral Relativism: How Freedom Became Liberals Religion


The Liberal-Democratic Bible

The Liberal-Democratic Bible

American Thinker: Politics: Dr. Tom Barron: The Left’s Moral Relativism: How Freedom Became Liberals Religion.

Its  not that Liberals are anti-religion or want to see it disappear but that we don’t use it to govern our politics. We are secular in the sense that our politics is based around the U.S. Constitution that was written by Liberals and Libertarians. There are Leftists in America who are anti religious and see it as destructive and if anything would like to abolish it and if they were around when. The U.S Constitution was written, it would look a lot different. And religion and guns wouldn’t be in it, or the 10th and perhaps 11th Amendments wouldn’t be in it. The Federal Government would have a lot more authority constitutionality in this country. And governments main role would be to physically as well as economically protect us. Rather the protecting our freedom.

The people who would’ve written our U.S. Constitution and would like to rewrite it today. Aren’t the Liberals in America but what I and others call the New-Left a Social-Democratic or Democratic-Socialist movement that was born in the 1960s. As a response to the Great Society and the Vietnam War. In favor of the Great Society obviously and welfare-state economics more broadly and of course the antiwar movement of that era as well as today. The people who were around then and coming up age then and their kids today. That is the Atheist-Left in America, a far-left movement by American standards. Put the Atheist-Left and the Christian-Right in the same room together and if they could share the same room. Without yelling at each other, they would find that they actually have some things in common. They are both Collectivists but in different forms. People who believe there’s a certain way for all people to live and shouldn’t move away from that for their own good.

Its not that Liberals don’t believe in right and wrong and that there’s no difference. We are talking about Liberals here not Anarchists, the difference between Liberals and the Christian-Right. Is that Liberals tend to view right and wrong by how people treat each other, rather then how people live their own personal lives. And believe in a high deal of personal freedom as long as we aren’t hurting innocent people with what we are doing. And when we see people doing dangerous things to themselves, we try to get them help rather then lock then up. Or call them immoral or Un American.


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