Roll Call: Opinion: David Hawkings: Could Margaret Thatcher Win a GOP Primary?: Why Margaret Thatcher Wouldn’t Be Very Successful in The GOP Today



Could Margaret Thatcher Win a GOP Primary? | Hawkings Here.

The answer to whether or not could Margaret Thatcher win a GOP primary for President let alone the nomination. Or even serve in Congress in the Bible Belt as a Republican, is no she would be considered a Rhino by today’s Tea/Christian-Right/Neoconservative Republican Party. Someone who believed in too much personal-freedom from their standpoint but also someone who was too. Progressive for them on economic-policy, didn’t believe in eliminating trade-unions but didn’t want them. Running government, as well as believing in public-education and even socialized-healthcare. She was to the left of me at least when it came to healthcare and I’m an American-Liberal and she was a Conservative. Maggie Thatcher was a true Conservative in the sense that she believed in individual-freedom but both economic-freedom. Including the right to organize for workers but also personal-freedom and didn’t want government running peoples lives for them. As well as believing in fiscal-responsibility and a strong national-defense.

The American that comes closest to Maggie Thatcher from a political standpoint, would be Olympia Snowe. The former U.S. Senator and Representative from Maine a classical Northeastern-Republican who wasn’t antigovernment but anti big-government in our economic and personal-lives. But Lady Thatcher was to the left of Senator Snowe on healthcare as well. For Maggie Thatcher to be a successful Republican anywhere, she would’ve had to dropped her support or never of supported. Socialized-healthcare at any point and then I believe she could’ve been very successful in the Northeast or out West. Where Conservative-Libertarianism is very popular, perhaps in Arizona and then maybe have a shot at being nominated for President by the GOP. If the party were to modernize and be less Statist and Theocratic on social-issues in the future. But she wasn’t as strong as a Conservative that Republicans like to make her out to be on economic-policy. And was more practical then Republicans like to give her credit for.

Margaret Thatcher was a true get big-government out of our economic and personal-lives Conservative. And didn’t want government running peoples lives from an economic or personal standpoint. Which is why she lowered taxes and privatize as many industries as she did as Prime Minister but wasn’t someone who was antigovernment. And believed that government had a role in the economy to make the country as strong as it could possibly be.


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