Classical Liberal: The Libertarian, The Conservative, and The State: Why Conservatives and Libertarians Should Be Able to Get Along

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The Libertarian, The Conservative, and The State.

This might be hard to believe for people who do not understand American-Conservatism. And I read blogs everyday from people who call themselves Conservative but who actually do not understand. Conservatism and look at anyone who aren’t as far to the right as them as Liberals or Socialists. But for anyone who believes that Conservatism is about Ann Coulter and Rick Santorum and Libertarianism is about Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul. Is not going to understand that Conservatives and Libertarians actually have a lot more in common then Americans tend to think. Because as Senator Rand Paul who I believe at least is the most Conservative member of Congress House or. Senate said at CPAC last month that Conservatives need to believe in both economic and personal-freedom. That one’s not worth a whole lot without the other, that Americans aren’t free to make their own choices in. Life then they really aren’t that free to begin with.

I bet if you put Barry Goldwater Sr. or Barry Goldwater Jr. in the same room with Ron Paul. And they talked about politics and philosophy they would find that they have a lot in common. Senator Goldwater even believed in the right to organize for workers as long as it wasn’t forced on them. Its foreign-policy where they would tend to disagree where Senator Goldwater was a true Conservative. But across the board including on foreign-policy and national-security and was a Cold-Warrior to use as an example. Where Representative Paul is more of a Dove or Isolationist on foreign-policy and national-security where they would tend to disagree. But they both believed in choice, both economic and personal-freedom to go along with religious freedom. Because these are what true Conservative-Values are about that it’s not the job of government to direct people even. By force how individuals should live their own lives as long as they aren’t hurting innocent people with what they are doing.

It’s when you put the Neoconservatives or the Christian-Theocrats right-wing big government statists. The Ann Coulter’s and Rick Santorums of the world in the same room with Conservatives and Libertarians. Who look at people on the Center-Right as Liberals who do not fit in very well with Conservatives and. Libertarians because they tend to be more Nationalist and Statist and less Federalist when it comes to social-issues. As the Conservative writer Jonah Goldberg pointed out in one of his columns a couple of weeks ago. Who do not fit in very well with Conservative-Libertarians.


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