Bryan Anthony: Video: HBO Real Time: Bill Maher Trashes The Libertarians and Paul Ryan: The Weakness of Anarcho-Libertarianism

A World Without Rules

A World Without Rules

Bill Maher trashes the libertarians and Paul Ryan(03.05.13) – YouTube.

The heart of Libertarianism at its core is sound that individuals should be able to live their own lives. As they see fit, that is adults who aren’t currently incarcerated if you want to get real technical, as long as they aren’t hurting innocent people with what they are doing. That we should be free to live our own lives, keep our own money, not be forced to spend it on things and so. Fourth be able to control what happens to our own bodies, what we eat and so fourth. That we shouldn’t try to police the world both militarily or in foreign-policy. That government shouldn’t be trying to run our own lives in any way. I agree with all of that as a Liberal, no seriously Liberals are not supporters of big-government as the Right likes to stereotype us as. Its Anarcho-Libertarianism, this notion that government shouldn’t intervene when Joe, Tom or Sally or whoever. Hurt an innocent person and that Joe, Tom or Sally shouldn’t have to pay an consequence for hurting. Innocent people because that somehow violates their freedom. The freedom to do what exactly, hurt innocent people where do we have the right to do that.

Its not Libertarianism that I have a problem with even though I do not agree with all of it. As it relates to economic and foreign-policy and even national-security as far as America’s role in the. World its Anarcho-Libertarianism which is more like Anarchism that I do have a problem with. Imagine an Anarcho-Libertarianism world with no rules or no consequences. If John gets shot in the head when he’s pumping gas in his car at a public gas station. What’s the Anarcho response to that, John was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Is that what the Anarcho is going to tell John’s wife Mary. Or a world without food inspectors or police departments. If Bob and Jane go to a restaurant and get food poisoning. Well the Anarcho will tell Bob and Jane not to go to that restaurant. If Ann gets raped, the Anarcho will tell Ann try not to dress so sexy the next time. Because that really turns on Jim and we can’t arrest Jim because that would violate his freedom. His freedom to do what exactly rape women?

Its not the job of government to protect us from ourselves but to protect us from things we can’t see happening to us in the future. Because we aren’t lets say physic to use as an example. And when harm is committed against us, we then have recourse. Besides taking the law into our own hands to have the person who committed the Un justice against us pay a consequence for their irresponsible. Actions since we do not have a constitutional right to harm innocent people. Even if Anarcho-Libertarians disagree with that.


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