Liberty Pen: Video: Thomas DiLorenzo: The FDR Myth: Why Franklin Roosevelt is Overrated as a President

New Deal

New Deal

Thomas DiLorenzo – The FDR Myth – YouTube.

I was actually talking about this with a friend of mine last week on the phone and I was arguing. Why Franklin Roosevelt was overrated as a President but also as a Liberal-Democrat. Because on issues like civil-rights and civil-liberties where African-Americans were being lynched by the. Ku Klux Klan and perhaps other Anglo racist groups and where Americans were being locked up because. Simply because of their ethnicity and the fears that the Roosevelt Administration had that these Americans. Felt sympathy for their the mother lands that their ancestors came from. Liberals in Congress were calling for antilynching laws, yet President Roosevelt wasn’t interested in that. And didn’t seem to give a damn about civil-rights in general even though this guy is suppose to be a. Liberal and believe in things like equal-rights and protection and so fourth. He didn’t care about them or didn’t believe that those things were the business of the Federal Government even though. Other areas of the country where he was involving the Federal Government in the areas of. Public-assistance he believed the Federal Government had a big role in.

President Roosevelt was suppose to be this Liberal-Democrat and yet his administration is locking up. German, Italian and Japanese Americans during World War II because of their ethnicity. Because of fear these Americans by the way and in a lot of cases Americans who were born in the. United States felt sympathetic towards Germany, Italy and Japan during World War II. There’s nothing Liberal about locking people up because of their ethnicity or race and if you are a Liberal you. Are suppose to at least care about civil-rights and equal-protection. And if you want to get to the economy, Franklin Roosevelt was the really the first Progressive or Social-Democratic President. We’ve ever had in America that created the modern safety-net that was considered huge back then. But today is still fairly small compared with Europe making America still a great place to live if you. Believe in things like individualism and economic-freedom but by World War II when America finally got in. There were still 1-5 Americans who were unemployed.

Most of the credit I give FDR as President has to do with foreign-policy. Leading America successfully through World War II and stopping the ethnic-genocide of European-Jews from going. Even further and building up our armed-forced so we had what we need from a military point of view to. Defend ourselves from Communist states and other Authoritarian-regimes. FDR and Harry Truman basically created the National Security State in America but FDR’s Liberal credentials are pretty weak.


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