American Thinker: Philosophy: Daniel Payne: “Pro-Choice Only Goes so Far”: Defining Pro-Choice in America

Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Choice

Articles: 'Pro-Choice' Only Goes so Far.

Its a little hard to read an article from the American Thinker arguing against people who call themselves Pro-Choice. A magazine that basically represents Neoconservative and religious-right thinking and have argument against personal-freedom in the past. Saying that personal-freedom is dangerous because it gives people the freedom to make bad decisions. But Daniel Payne actually make a good argument here about Progressives who invented prohibition by the way and represent why we have a War on Drugs today. And then campaigns to ban junk-food and soft drinks and tobacco and perhaps even alcohol as well. Saying that Progressives who call themselves Pro-Choice on abortion and saying that government shouldn’t interfere. But have no problem with government interfering when it comes to these other issues including the gun-rights as well.

Not to sound cocky or anything but I do not have that problem as a real Liberal and not a Progressive or Social-Democrat. Who have a tendency to make the same arguments against personal-freedom but from the left as far as how Americans should be able to live on the issues that I’ve just mentioned. That Pro-Choice and personal-freedom are exactly that. The right for free adults to make their own decisions with their own lives including bodies. As long as they aren’t hurting innocent people and hurting their freedom to live their own lives. Which is why I’ve argued against the War on Drugs and I’m still against it. And have argued against Gay bans, including Gay-marriage bans and proposals that would outlaw pornography and gambling. Proposals that have been made by both Progressives Social-Democrats on the left but also from Neoconservatives and the religious-right on the right.

For the record I’m 98-99% Pro Choice when it comes to abortion but that when a women decided to get pregnant. By consenting to sex with a man the father of the future baby. She’s now responsible for whether or not that baby somes to term and is born or not. Unless she becomes pregnant because of rape or incest or needs an abortion to save her health or life. Which is why I’m against public-financing of abortions except for the exceptions I’ve laid out. But that Pro-Choice is exactly that and about personal-freedom the right for free adults to live their own lives. As long as they aren’t hurting innocent people with their decision making.


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