Washington Free Beacon: Crime and Punishment: Andrew Evans: Conservatives Push For Criminal Justice Reform: How to Be Smart on Crime

Right on Crime

Right on Crime

Smart on Crime

Smart on Crime

Applying Fiscal Conservatism to Criminal Justice

Applying Fiscal Conservatism to Criminal Justice

Conservatives push for criminal justice system reform, say it saves money while reducing crime | Washington Free Beacon.

I like the Right on Crime approach thats being pushed by Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush and Grover Norquist. Three Republicans would never be mistaken for Moderates or Liberals and what they are doing is taking a Conservative approach to how we judge our investment in criminal-justice in. America and what tax-payers get for the dollars they spend on prisons in this country. Which is a principle of Conservatism, what what are we getting for the money that we spent. How effective is, where’s the waste, what’s not working, what is working and so fourth and where can we cut back. Where should we invest more and what new things should we be investing in. And if anything good has come from the Great Recession and the slow economic and job-growth since. Is that it’s forced governments to reexamine the money that they spend and force them to look at where they can make. Savings to deliver the best public-services possible and criminal-justice is a perfect example of that.

The ways to save money on our criminal-justice systems is to look at how we treat nonviolent-offenders. Drug-offenders but also lets say small time nonviolent-offenders, people who run small scams, shoplifters to use as examples. We do not need these people in prison serving their time with rapists, batterers, gang-bangers, murderers professional criminals. Are prisons are already overcrowded with people like that. With these small time folk they need to be in drug-rehab and Halfway-houses at their expense. And for the mentally-ill inmates, get them back in institutions where they can get the help that they need being helped by doctors with the med’s and therapy that. They need not in overworked prisons especially in isolation-units where their problems only get worse and where they become more violent. And for all of those repeat offenders that we have who come back to prison. Make sure they have the skills that they need to be successful on the outside by putting them to school and to work in prison where they can cover their living-expenses.

The reason why we have so many people in prison in America has to do with the War on Drugs. How we deal with nonviolent-offenders who aren’t drug-offenders and because of all of our. Repeat-offenders so if you are looking to save money on government, the criminal-justice system is a perfect place to look at.

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