News One: Obama War On Drugs- Paul Shepard- Focusing On Prevention And Neuroscience, President Ends Reagan’s War On Drugs: What a Real War on Drugs Would Look Like

Reagan's War

Reagans War

News One: Obama’s War on Drugs- Paul Shepard- End President Reagan’s War on Drugs

If the so-called War on Drugs in America were really about public-health in America. Then we would keep narcotics from getting into the country in the first place. And treat drugs addicts and users instead but that’s not what this bogus war is about. And if this was really about restoring public-health in America, then it wouldn’t just be drugs like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth that. Would be illegal in this country but prescription-drugs, steroids, sugar and caffeine would also be illegal in America as well. And we would have something like fifty million people in prison in this country thanks to the War on Drugs. With governments deciding that they simply do not have the resources to enforce, prosecute and incarcerate so many people. Hell governments would have to prosecute and incarcerate their own drug-warriors because we all use drugs that aren’t good for us. At some point and in lot of cases for good reasons.

If the War on Drugs were real in America, then we wouldn’t be sending people away to places where they can continue their habits with more illegal-narcotics. What is one of the biggest security issues for jails and prisons in the United States. Illegal and legal drugs that inmates use and make money from. If we wanted to have a real War on Drugs in America and I’m against the War on Drugs fake or real. Then we would stop drugs from getting into the county in the first place. And get users and addicts into drug-rehab. So they could move on with the rest of their lives outside of the criminal-justice system but that’s not what this is about. This is about big government believing they know best for us as far as what drugs we should be using and not using in the. United States and its backers the alcohol, tobacco, sugar and prescription-drug industries. That do not want competition from drugs that are currently illegal.

If you want to have a real War on Drugs in America, which again I’m against having a War on Drugs period. But if you are going to do it, do it right and eliminate drugs before they get into the country and eliminate the market. The people who want the drugs by getting them off drugs so they do not want them and be able to move on with their lives. Instead of saying illegal-drugs are bad even though current legal-drugs are also bad and in some cases worst.


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