Los Angeles Times: Richard Simon- California Conservative Defends State’s Pot Law in Congress


U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, R, California

Source: Los Angeles Times: Richard Simon- California Conservative Defends State’s Pot Law in Congress

I’ve blogged a lot in the past about liberalism and conservatism and what are real Liberals and who are real Conservatives. And as much as the broader Left and Right-wings in America hate to admit this, Liberals and Conservatives actually have a lot in common and tend to look at things based on commonsense and what’s the right thing to do. What’s working and not working and so-forth. And marijuana and the broader War on Drugs in America is a perfect example of that where Liberals and Conservatives see something that’s not working and want to fix it or even eliminate in from my perspective as a Liberal. The reason why marijuana prohibition is losing ground and why marijuana legalization is gaining ground, is the same reason why same-sex marriage is gaining ground, because now both Liberals and Conservatives are in favor of it. As more evidence has come in where both sides use to be against them and they are looking at who benefits from the War on Drugs and prohibition and who gains from it and are seeing a lot more people who aren’t even real criminals losing thanks to the War on Drugs.

You put all of the real Liberals and Conservatives together in the country, you are maybe looking at half of the voting public in the country. About the same percentage of people who are now in favor of marijuana legalization in this country. It’s the prohibitionists on both sides who tend not to be in favor of personal freedom and choice. Even if it means people may make bad decisions who are still in favor of prohibition. But that support is falling as more evidence is coming in about marijuana and the broader War on Drugs. And more Americans who probably aren’t political at all at least not to the point where they define their politics, are now learning about marijuana and the War on Drugs and either have used marijuana or know someone who uses it. Or know someone whose in the criminal justice system, because of marijuana and are wondering why is this person in jail when they haven’t hurt anyone.

We are now even seeing a bipartisan federalist coalition emerging in Congress, especially in the House. And hopefully in the Senate as well with Senator Pat Leahy Chairman of the Judiciary Committee going to hold hearings on this issue this year. That are saying their state disagrees with the drug warriors on the War on Drugs, so why don’t the Feds butt out and tell Uncle Sam to mind his own business. And keep these drugs from coming into the country in the first place where they are more dangerous. Then the drugs produced in this country.This is not about whether marijuana is a good thing or not. Same thing with the alcohol prohibition debate of the 1920s and 1930s. This is about how best to deal with these two drugs as a society. Do we legalize and regulate them, or do we simply punish people for using a harmful substance and potentially harming them self. Even if they’re not hurting anyone else with what they’re doing.

Medical Marijuana 411: U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher Says Regulate Marijuana Like Wine


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