Richmond Times: Editorial- Robert Samuelson- “The Twilight of Entitlement”: What Americans are Entitled to




Over Entitled

Over Entitled

Source: Richmond Times: Editorial- Robert Samuelson- The Twilight of Entitlement 

I guess people depending on where they are philosophically have different views as far as what Americans are entitled. To when it comes to the economy ranging from the Far-Left. Where you have let’s call them Socialists that believe that Americans are entitled to everything that we need to live well.For simply being alive including a job, a good income, a good home, good healthcare, good health insurance, a pension and so forth. And that at least most of these things should be provided by the Federal Government. And then going all the way over to the far-right you have Neoconservatives. Let’s call them people who believe that Americans are only entitled to security. Even at the cost of freedom and even securing us from ourselves. And then not as far to the Right Libertarians who believe that Americans. Are only entitled to live in freedom and what we do with that freedom. Is up to us and we should be held accountable for that. And then you go Center-Right with Conservatives and that people who. Believe that Americans are entitled to have choice. And that the private-sector should be as free as possible to give us as much choice as possible.

Then you move over to the Center-Left and Liberals such as myself who. Believe that Americans are only entitled to a. Few things, the opportunity to get the skills that we need to be successful in life and live in freedom. And infrastructure system that allows for us to get around in an. Affordable and efficient way and the ability to have the physical. Security to live in freedom where criminals aren’t in charge and where. We live in a safe working environment and we are entitled to have safe. Products and the services that we consume be regulated to protect us. From people who would do us harm but not to protect us from ourselves. And a social insurance system that we can collect from when for. Whatever reasons we aren’t able to take care of ourselves that allows. And empowers us to work our way back to living in freedom again. And last but never least the right to organize for workers. If they chose to but would never be forced on anyone.

Americans are only entitled to have the opportunity to live in freedom. But we aren’t entitled to freedom itself, what we do with the. Opportunities to live in freedom is up to us there are no guarantees in a. Liberal-economic-system or a Socialist-economic system. But in a Liberal-economic system the individual has the opportunity to make the. Best of life for themselves that they can. And then live with the consequences of their choices and freedom.

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