The Week: Editorial- Matt Lewis- Why I Could Never be a Leftist: How The Center-Left and Far-Left are Different



Source: The Week: Opinion- Matt Lewis Why I Could Never Be a Leftist

I find it amusing every time I hear someone on the Right talk about the Left as if we are just one group of people with no differences. Like take Matt Lewis from the Right-Wing The Daily Caller whose as big of an expert on Leftists. As Richard Nixon was on reality TV or a fish knows about basketball. To use as an example Matt Lewis calling Joe Stalin the murderous dictator of the Soviet Union. The biggest Statist and Communist this planet has ever produced a Leftist. Is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard and I read The Daily Caller everyday. The fact is there is no one Left just like there is no one Right in America, both sides of the political-spectrum. Have their mainstreams their cores of people who keep the movement legitimate and appealing to a lot. Of the country and both sides have their fringes that make us look bad and costs our party more support then we otherwise could have. The fact is the Left is made up of Liberals on the center-left the Bill Clinton New-Democratic Network Liberals. That made the Democratic Party a governing party again in America in the 1990s. And we have Socialist and Anarchists, as well as Socialist-Anarchists on the far-left. Occupy Wall Street to use as an example.

When you are talking about the Left, it helps to know what you are talking about unless you are only. A partisan from one side or the other looking to appeal to your base, in this case Matt Lewis with partisan Right-Wingers. And I didn’t say Conservative because that’s not where all of Lewis’s support on the Right comes from. Are you talking about Liberals or Socialists or Anarchists or Socialist-Anarchists on the Left. Are you talking about the center-left or the far-left. Are you talking about Liberals such as myself on the center-left or are you talking about todays so-called. Progressives who do not even look very Progressive today because they are against things that bring progress to people who need it. And are more interested in pushing their political-agenda through and giving the Federal Government a lot more power of the economy. And limiting individual-freedom then they are Progressive at least in the Teddy Roosevelt tradition.

When I’m reading a lot of articles online or I’m on Facebook or something. I’m always seeing posts about the Left and unless this person names someone or some group on the Left. My first response is who are you talking about because generally it’s about finding the most negative story about the. Left and then trying to make it look like everyone on the Left is that bad. And I know partisans on the Left do the same thing about the Right but it doesn’t advance the ball forward in this debate. Because it just makes both sides look overly partisan and not ready to govern and more interested. In hurting the other side.


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