Gordon Coombes: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow- The Role of Government: How Social-Democrats and Liberals Differ on Government



Source: Gordon Coombs: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow- The Role of Government

I blog a lot about the differences between liberalism and todays let’s call it modern progressivism (democratic socialism in actuality) that I really call socialism. Basically the differences between someone like John Kerry who is now Secretary of State and when he was in the U.S. Senate and one of the most Liberal Senators and members of Congress in his twenty-eight years in Congress and the members of Occupy Wall Street. And even though this video from Rachel Maddow was about regulation and that most Americans think smart strong regulation is a good idea and wouldn’t give the private sector carte-blanche to do whatever they want, regulation is not the main difference between todays Socialists in America and Liberals. Todays so-called Progressives (Socialists in actuality) would regulate more than Liberals, but it’s not as if one side believes in regulation while the other doesn’t. This is not the difference between Liberals and Libertarians, but the main political ideologies on the Left in America. And what government should be doing for us.

John F. Kerry


I blog a lot of about the differences between Liberals and todays Socialists, (keep it real) because we tend to get lumped into one pot as if we are the same. And Rachel Maddow and Chris Hays another let’s say Progressive (to be too nice) host on MSNBC are called Liberals and it’s assumed that they speak for the Left or the Democratic Party in America. When they really only speak for the Far-Left in America and in the Democratic Party. MSNBC is really the mouthpiece for the Green Party and the Democratic Socialist Party and do not represent for the Democratic Party. What in large part FOX News represents for the Republican Party. FNC basically represents the entire right side of the American political spectrum from Conservatives to Libertarians on the center-Right, to the Religious-Right and, Neo-Confederate Nationalists on the Far-Right and Neoconservatives.  Where MSNBC except for Chris Matthews basically represents the Far-Left in America. And the modern socialist movement in America that tends to be anti military and anti law-enforcement and doesn’t see America as a great country. But some type of materialistic evil empire or something.

But where Democrats differ is basically where government’s role is in society and especially in the economy. But also as it relates to what are called personal choice issues. Like how we can spend our own money and what we can eat and drink and so-forth. The Center-Left the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, believes in good government that is limited to only doing what we need it to do. That’s laid out for it in the United States Constitution. Not try to run our lives for us and make our personal decisions for us and try to protect us from ourselves. Generation X and Y are perfect examples of this that we want a good government not big or small, but with the resources that it needs to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves, but not try to run our lives or run industries or nationalize industries. Create an environment where opportunity is there for all to be successful in life were based on what we do with those opportunities. Not try to place equality over freedom and try to make sure everyone has the same and is the same.

Today’s so-called Progressives (I’m too nice) have a much bigger role for government in our lives. And do put equality over individual freedom and believe that government has to be big enough to make sure that no one has too much or too little. “Which is why taxes have to be high enough to insure that and even protect us from ourselves to make sure we aren’t making bad decisions with our own lives.” Todays Progressives, who again are;t very progressive, but collectivist and nanny statist,  tend to see individual freedom both personal and economic as dangerous and see it as the freedom to make bad decisions. The whole prohibition movement against tobacco and now junk food and soft drinks, are examples of that. And now they do not only want to nationalize the health insurance industry with Medicare for all but now there are proposals to nationalize the retirement system to make Social Security the sole provider of pensions in America. And there Socialists who would like to nationalize the banking and energy industries as well.

What I wish the American Left had what we use to have when FDR and LBJ Democrats were still around. Instead of so-called ‘modern-Liberals’ who call themselves FDR Democrats, but are way to the Left of FDR and LBJ today. I wish the Left had what the Right has which are two competing political visions on the Center-Right. On the Right you have Conservatives vs Libertarians instead of just Conservatives vs the Religious-Right, or Neo-Right. So I wish those FDR Progressives would reemerge on the Center-Left and have Liberals competing with Progressives on where to take the Democratic Party and country when they are in power.


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