Learn Liberty: Freedom-An Idea to Change Your World: What Liberal Democracy is About



Source: Learn Liberty: Freedom- An Idea to Change Your World

This is a great discussion and debate to have and something America will hopefully comes to a consensus on with my side. Winning or at least the people who believe in both personal and economic-freedom along with individual-responsibility winning this debate. Because so many times when the wings on the American political-spectrum and the people further out let’s say from the. Center on both the Left and Right wings talk about freedom, they tend to only be talking about on half of the picture. Whether it’s personal-freedom from the let’s say far-Left, I believe in personal-freedom but that by itself is not enough. Or the let’s say far-Right and when they are talking about freedom, they tend to only be talking about economic-freedom or religious-freedom. For Christians and I believe in both economic and religious-freedom as well but for everybody and not just have it. For certain groups but for everyone in this country who has earned it. That just economic or personal-freedom is simply not enough that you must have both to be successful in life and not. Dependent on government to take care of you.

The role of government and for me at least as a Liberal there’s only one role for government. And everything else that it should be covers that one role because it’s one big role but one role. And that’s to protect individual-freedom for those who have it and still deserve it. Meaning they haven’t hurt any innocent people and created some type of criminal act against innocent people. And to expand freedom for those who do not have but need it and deserve it and just need an. Opportunity to acquire freedom for themselves and be able to live in freedom like anyone else. Whose not confined to poverty to use as an example. And that includes a strong defense and national security policy to defend us from foreign-invaders but also strong law-enforcement to protect us. From criminals but also strong regulators to protect us from people who would hurt us for profit at our expense. The role of government is not to protect us from ourselves and try to run our lives but from people who would do us harm. Which is a big difference from what we hear from the far-Left and far-Right in America where both sides are full of Prohibitionists and Paternalists.

Another role that government has to play to protect our freedom in a Liberal-Democracy. Is to try to expand individual-freedom for those who do not have it and are dependent on government to take. Care of them so these people can take care of themselves the freedom to be able to live their own. Lives and take care of themselves through things like education and job-training and to see that success in America is reward and failure is discouraged. And when people are out of work or something to help them while they preparing themselves to go back to work and be independent. Not try to take care of them indefinitely. So in a Liberal-Democracy we would have a Liberal amount of freedom not government and the government we would have, their role would be to protect our freedom.


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