Reuters: Video: Rough Cuts: Dominic Evans: Israeli Airstrikes Leave Assad Regime With Few Choices: How The Syrian Civil-War Could End



Israeli airstrikes leave Assad with few choices – YouTube.

Because of the chemical-weapons that are now involved in the Syrian Civil-War now. This will be how the West Israel included since they are an ally of the West and perhaps even NATO. Will justify outside military involvement in the Syrian Civil-War to either forcefully remove Bashar Assad out. Of power in Syria or to get him to step down from office so the Syrian-opposition can take over and start to rebuild the country. Because of the lack of information that the West has about the Syrian-rebels they’ve been hesitant to get involved in this conflict. Unlike what happened in Libya in 2011 when Libya actually using their chemical-weapons against the Libyan-rebels then. But the West will not standby and let a murderous dictator wipeout his own people just to stay in power and simply. Wipeout people who are fighting back against this Authoritarian-regime and are simply fighting for their freedom. So we may see Israel take down the Assad-regime on its own through the air or the West arming the Syrian-rebels or perhaps a no fly zone from NATO over Syria. But the Assad-regime’s days look numbered.


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