Common Sense Capitalism: Video: Thomas Sowell vs Academic Socialist on Affirmative Action: How Affirmative Action Hurts Racial-Minorities

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action

Thomas Sowell vs Academic Socialist on Affirmative Action – YouTube.

Affirmative-action was created for all of the best of reasons and I believe even Conservatives and Libertarians would admit that. The idea behind affirmative-action was to try to make up for the all of the racial-injustices that had occurred to African-Americans. Since they’ve been American-citizens and have been in North America. The key words are tried to make up for three hundred plus years of racism that Africans in North America were put through starting with slavery. But of course nothing could ever make up for that but the problem is and why I’m against people benefiting from. Their race or being denied things based on their race even if it’s just for one consideration. Is that people are benefiting or being denied access to things because of their race even if that’s. Just one factor which makes it discriminatory to put it mildly but racist to be more accurate. If that was my only problem with affirmative-action that would be bad enough. But my other issue is for another racial one that it assumes that racial-minorities must need quotas in order to succeed in. America because employers who tend to be Caucasian are racist and won’t hire people of other races.


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