Reason: Veronique De Rugy: Spending: A Bipartisan Love Story: How Democrats and Republicans Get Elected and Reelected

Porky Pig

Porky Pig

Spending: A Bipartisan Love Story –

If you are familiar with the terms bringing home the bacon or pork barrel spending or big spenders. Then you are familiar with the United States Congress because generally that’s all. Representatives and Senators can agree on in the House and Senate and with each other and in both parties. I got an election coming up, I haven’t done a whole lot in the last year or so or five years depending on. If they serve in the House or Senate, I know how I’ll get elected I’ll bring some money home from Washington. So Earl has the money he needs to repair his barn or get a new tractor or whatever the pork is.

For most people pork is food but in Washington pork is money that’s sent home from the Federal Government to members of Congress district or state. So they can show their constituents that they are getting their share of the national pot of tax dollars. The other thing with Washington pork is that it tends to be wasteful money that’s used from Washington to pay for things. That benefit a very few like a road that only five people use or a bridge to nowhere. Money to some museum that very few people have ever heard of. And these types of things and of course it benefits the Representative or Senator whose name is on the pork the person who sponsored the amendment to some. Bill where the amendment has nothing to do with the a bill. Like a corn subsidy attached to a defense appropriations bill. That benefits very few people who the country as a whole has to pick up the tab for and in the Senate. A Senator will hold up a defense appropriations bill that means jobs. So he or she can get their agriculture subsidy that benefits very few people.

This is not about Republican or Democrat but about politicians who tend to be career-politicians. People who can’t imagine life without holding an elected office and wearing their blue suits to work everyday. With the title of Representative or Senator or Governor if they ever leave Washington without getting fired. Who aren’t very good legislatures as far as passing legislation and taking tough votes and then being able to justify those votes. But they do know how to bring the bacon home and use that to get reelected.

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