Reason: Matt Welch- The GOP Civil War Over Libertarianism: The Future of The Republican Party

Give Me Liberty or Death

Give Me Liberty or Death

Source: Reason: Matt Welch- The GOP Civil War Over Libertarianism

This is exactly where the Republican Party is at and why Republicans are examining where they are now and where they are headed in the future. Is the Republican going to continue down the road of being a religious theocratic party that believes they know best how Americans should live their. Lives the Rick Santorum wing of the party that’s now mixed in Neoconservatism into their foreign and national-security policy as well. With the War on Terror from the Bush Administration and so forth. Or are they going to go back to being what they use to when Libertarians were Republicans before the religious and Neo-Right took over the party. Are they going to go back to being a limited-government government closest to the home is the best government. A party that believes in both economic and personal-freedom and a true Conservative-Federalist party that’s not interested. In expanding entitlements unlike the President Bush and those Republican Congress’s. And now even wants Uncle Sam involved in marriage, pornography, divorce and adultery and of course marijuana. Or are they going to embrace the Rand Paul Conservatives and bring in the Ron Paul Libertarians.

This might sound strange but the future of the Republican Party as a major successful party that once again can be a governing party. Is not Marco Rubio the Senator from Florida, Senator Rubio is part of the establishment of the Republican Party. And will be one of those establishment Republicans who’ll try to please all of the factions in the Republican Party both the Neo-Right. And the center-Right and perhaps even Libertarians trying to convince all of these factions that he’s one of them. But what will happen is that he’ll end up offending all of those groups because they’ll see him as trying to please everyone in the GOP. They are too diverse politically, you can appeal to the Conservatives and Libertarians successfully something that Senator Rand Paul will. Try to do because they are similar on social-issues and economic-policy but the. Neoconservatives are very different from the Libertarians and Conservatives. And are much more of a Statist political-faction.

In a lot of ways the future of the Republican Party if they are to remain a major political party in America. And not break off into a far-Right third-party is still in Congress. With Senators like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Jeff Flake and in the House with Representative Justin Amash. These are the real Conservatives in the Republican Party who are against big government the real. Fiscal-Conservatives even as it relates to defense and national-security. Who are not in favor of big government as it relates to social-issues who tend to take more of a Federalist approach to those. Issues as well who can appeal to young-voters and Independents because they do not push the social-issues. And this is why the Republican Party needs a civil-war because this current coalition will not survive. The Republican Party either has to be a limited-government Federalist party that’s not trying to run people’s lives. From an economic or personal perspective or there’s really not much reason for them to exist at all.

The Republican Party needs a civil-war because what they’ve been doing at the national-level is not working. And if you look at the U.S. Senate they are not doing very well win Federal-elections statewide right now that most of their power. Is at the state level with governorships, with Congressional Republicans only controlling the House the lower chamber in Congress. And can’t even force Presidential-vetos and as the country is getting younger and more minority. We are becoming more Liberal and Libertarian and the GOP. Is going to have to successfully adjust in order to survive.



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