Liberty Pen: Milton Friedman- The Escape From Collectivism, 1978

Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy

I’ve blogged a lot about individual-freedom that combines both economic and personal-freedom but that also goes with individual-responsibility. And what’s ironic about this is that I’ve been debating with right-wingers who are supposed to be Conservatives. Who are supposed to believe in these things and yet when I talk about things like taxing junk food and soft drinks to pay for. Uncompensated healthcare for irresponsible people who do not take care of themselves and pass their healthcare costs onto people with health-insurance. Because they do not have the health-insurance to cover their healthcare-costs and of course can’t pay for it out-of-pocket. I find these so-called Conservatives instead of arguing for individual-freedom and responsibility taking the. Collectivist view that we are all members of the same society and when someone messes up we should all have to pay for that. Which is why political-labels do not mean a hell of a lot when you do not know what it means to subscribe to Conservatism or Liberalism to use as examples.

But what I believe in is still the same thing that all individuals should have the individual-freedom both personal and economic. To live their own lives as long as they are infringing on other people’s freedom to live their own lives. But then have the individual-responsibility to live and deal with the consequences of their own decisions. So people who do not take care of themselves wouldn’t be allowed to pass those costs onto others. That the job of government is not to run our own lives and tell us how to lives and force others to pay for our own mistakes. But to provide and environment where we can all obtain the information and education that we need to be successful in. Life and what we do with our own lives is up to us. You had the information or it was in front of you and you still messed up or you made the best of it and are doing well. But at least we would all be in control of our own lives.

That would be my escape from Collectivism it would be a Liberal-Democracy where we all have the freedom to live our own lives. Again as long as we aren’t infringing on others to live their own lives with all the information and skills that they need to be successful in life. But then being held personally responsible for the decisions that they make in life for good and bad. Not being forced to share their wealth or be able to have others bail them out.


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