Reason: Shikha Dalmia- The Conservative Welfare State: The Conservative Vision of The Welfare State



Source: Reason: Shikha Dalmia- The Conservative Welfare State

In perhaps the only time I’ve ever heard Anne Coulter say something intelligent and almost agree with her. Was back at Liberty Fest or that Libertarian gathering back in February when she was asked about the War on Drugs. And why she’s against marijuana-legalization and she said that as long as we have a welfare-state and we have to pay for each others healthcare and unemployment. I’m against legalizing things that could add to our healthcare costs and unemployment. Good point I still disagree with her on marijuana-legalization and the broader War on Drugs but at least she. Looks at it from at least a certain level of intelligence and not just saying its bad for you or its immoral. Or we do not live in an anything goes society and so forth as if anyone serious disagrees with that. And then she went onto saying that you get rid of the welfare-state and then we can talk about legalizing drugs. As long as I don’t have to pay for your mistakes. So she made two good points in the same interview perhaps for the first time in her life.

The only Republican President who ever seriously took on the welfare-state in America. Was Richard Nixon and let’s be clear here we are not talking about a welfare-state which is what they have in. Sweden and Britain a whole host of programs that provide services for people so they do not have to. Get them in the private-sector including things like childcare that’s subsidize in Sweden. What we have is a safety-net that’s there for people to provide them services that they need that they. Otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to have. Which is the way it should be and remain if we are going to continue to have public social insurance in America. But the only Republican President to seriously take on the safety-net in America showing true Conservative credentials along with. National-security and foreign-policy was Richard Nixon. Who proposed a Federalist plan back in 1972 or 73 in how the safety-net should be run in America which included Welfare to Work which became. Law in 1996 and we’ve had two Democratic Presidents take on the safety-net in America as far as reform. Jimmy Carter in 1977 again with welfare-reform and of course Bill Clinton in 1996 with Welfare to Work and later entitlement-reform in the late 1990s.

In case anyone is not sure what Federalist means it’s basically about block-granting Federal social-programs. Meaning turning those programs like Welfare, Public Housing, Food Assistance to use as examples. Over to the states and locals to run and not the Federal Government trying to run all of them. And Richard Nixon who now so-called Conservatives seem to despise, was the only Republican President to show real Conservative-credentials. In how we deal with public-assistance in America. Every other Republican President has taken the I don’t want to be accused of throwing grandma and little kids on the street approach to public-assistance. So let’s make the best of these programs and try to give people more choice with them and control the costs.


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