The Atlantic: Opinion: Elspeth Reeve: The Grand Theories of John Boehner: What Makes John Boehner The Weakest Leader in Washington

Follower of the Pack

Follower of the Pack

The Grand Theories of John Boehner – Elspeth Reeve – The Atlantic Wire.

I do not believe Speaker John Boehner has the hardest job in Washington, perhaps in Congress but not in Washington. The President of the United States all the time whoever the President is always has the toughest job in Washington. It just comes with the territory and yes as much as we may not like or trust politicians, our presidents are underpaid and our Congresspeople are overpaid. And then you can argue who has the toughest job in Congress. Speaker of the House John Boehner with the crew in the Republican Conference he’s suppose to try to lead. Or Senate Leader Harry Reid even though he has a united Democratic Caucus of fifty-five members on most issues. Has a Republican Minority that essentially can block him anytime Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says so. But Speaker Boehner is the weakest leader in Washington for these reasons and they might not all be. His fault or perhaps none of them are his fault. But have to do with the state of the Republican Party, what part of the GOP he comes from which is different from where the GOP is now. The type of Representative he was before becoming Minority Leader in 2007 and the type of leader he’s had to. Be ever since to stay on as Leader of the House Republicans.

A big issue that Speaker Boehner has is that he’s both an old school Republican and legislature. Who came to Washington to get government off the backs of his constituents and perhaps the country as. A whole as well as to legislate even if that means working with Democrats which is how he basically wrote. A lot of the 2001 No Child Left Behind Law the education reform bill of President Bush and whatever you think of it. That bill doesn’t pass without then Labor Committee Chairman Boehner passing it in the House and working with Representative George Miller who was the. Ranking Member or top Democrat on that committee, as well as Senator Ted Kennedy who was one of. John Boehner’s best friends in Congress and was then Chairman of the Senate Labor Committee. Before coming back to the House Republican Leadership, Representative Boehner was a legislature who had. Clear political positions but when he saw an issue that needed to be addressed especially as committee chairman. With jurisdiction over that issue and believed legislation was needed to address it. That’s what he would do rather than trying to pass a bill that would never become law or find a way to blame Democrats for the problem.

The problem with being an old school legislature in todays Tea Party/Republican Party. Is that today’s GOP is not the Grand Ole Party but a party that hates the current President and Democrats. As a whole and who sees Republicans main and only job to defeat and eliminate Democrats especially Barack Obama. And if any Republicans so much as contemplates working or even being friendly with a Democrat as we saw in 2010. That Republican is now a Rhino or fake Republican who must go down to defeat even in a primary and even if the means costing Republicans that seat. That’s who Speaker Bohener is supposed to lead in the House so if he works with Senate Democrats or President Obama. On anything that could be seen as big where both sides give up big things. Speaker Boehner risks his own job in the process which is why he’s so weak as a leader because he’s afraid to take the. Tea Party on and take charge of his own Republican Conference.


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