Liberty Pen: Video: Milton Friedman: The Enemies Of School Choice: The Status Quo

Choice in Education

Choice in Education

Milton Friedman – The Enemies Of School Choice – YouTube.

One thing that’s ironic to me about the education reform debate especially as it relates to school choice. Is that so-called Progressives are the Conservatives at least in the sense that are for protecting the status-quo. Other than maybe outlawing private schools all together and requiring all students to get their education in public schools. Progressives in this debate and with good intentions know that with any real comprehensive education reform that were to be passed by either. The Federal Government or states or local governments would mean that public school teachers would be laid off or fired. Or have to be retrained or get their pay and benefits cutback as a result because we have teachers in our public education system. Who have students who aren’t learning, can’t read, write or do math up to grade level and as a result end up dropping out of school. Because they do not believe they are getting anything out of it. So the so-called Progressives in this debate are interested in protecting teachers jobs and not having them have to do anything. That could put their employment at risk like being held accountable of the job that they are supposed to do.

I’m not in favor of private school choice that is vouchers for low-income students who are forced to go to bad schools. Simply because of where they live because I rather use that money to improve the public education systems. Like creating competition within the public education system and allowing all students to be able to go to the best public school. That’s for them rather than based on where they live and forcing schools to have to do a good job in order to retain and acquire new. Students each year because now parents would have options in where to send their kids to school. And if states and localities or private schools or foundations, business’s want to set up private schools scholarship programs. That’s their business as long as I do not live in that state or community. But in any education reform debate it has to be about what’s best for the students because it’s education that determines how good of an economy we are going to have. And how well people can expect to do in life and without a good education we are most likely going to struggle. In life just to pay our bills.

When students are put first in education, than teachers and schools are rewarded as a result. Because parents want those teachers and teachers are then rewarded for the work that they do. And schools are rewarded with more students and good students. And as you are doing this you can push out the schools and educators that are holding the education system and keep students behind back. Making the education system better for everyone.


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